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Many phone services especially for businesses allow multiple inbound calls to or outbound calls from the same phone number. Phone numbers that are valid today will always be valid. Phone numbers of a certain type today e. A phone number which connects today may be disconnected tomorrow. A number which is free to call today may cost money to call tomorrow. The phone company may decide to expand the range of available phone numbers by inserting a digit into an existing number. Check this information again from the library when you need it. These are not the only examples!

As of this present moment in Mar.

Tip: Use a phone widget to encourage users to enter their phone number in an international format such that it can be unambiguously understood. Some numbers can only be dialed within the country. Some may be dialable only if the caller is a subscriber to a particular telecom company. A lot of people still only have a fixed-line telephone, which typically cannot send or receive text messages.

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Tip: Whenever possible, try to accommodate these users by calling them with a voice message or voice prompts. Alternatively, if your service requires sending text messages, verify that the number can receive text messages after the user provides it. Some service providers support sending and receiving text messages to fixed-line numbers.

There are also online services like Skype that can send and receive text messages. Tip: Use formatForMobileDialling to get the number a user should actually dial on their mobile phone. In Argentina, to dial a mobile number domestically, the digits "15" need to be inserted after the area code but before the local number, and the "9" after the country code 54 needs to be removed. In some countries, it's possible to connect to a different endpoint by dialing more digits after a number.

So "" may not reach the same person as dialing "". In some countries, or on some phones, extra digits are thrown away.


SIM card recovery: how to get lost contacts, deleted phone numbers & call logs

Numbers such as "" can be reached by dialling " " in some countries: but not in others. In other countries, invalid numbers may be "fixed" by a carrier, e. ITU-T specifies that a phone number cannot be longer than fifteen digits, with one to three digits reserved for the country calling code, but valid numbers in Germany have been assigned that are longer than this.

Old phone number recovery via Google Contacts

There are many "country calling codes" issued to non-geographical entities, such as satellite services, and the "" code for Universal International Freephone Numbers. Alpha characters may also be used in phone numbers, such as in Flowers. Phone numbers have only one prefix area code or national destination code at a given time. In the mids in Iceland, phone numbers changed from 5 and 6 digits to 7 digits.

The old system had regional prefixes, but the new one doesn't. During the transition period, phone numbers could be reached by the old area code or the new 7 digit number a different prefix.

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For example, a Reykjavik phone number could be dialed with nnnnn and 55nnnnn inside the region, and nnnnn and 55nnnnn from outside. Tip: During transition periods, make sure that both forms of a number are supported for look-up by phone number. Depending on the type of transition, you may need to contact affected customers and ask them to update their number.

A leading zero in numbers formatted for domestic usage can always be discarded when dialing from abroad.

Old phone number recovery via Google Contacts

But a telco does not have to accept a ported number. You do not need a new phone to port your number.

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Usually for a mobile number you need a new SIM card. To port your number, ask your new telco. They should contact your current telco to start the port.

Text Messaging

If your telco disconnected your service, you need to have your telco reissue your number to you first. Menu toggle Menu toggle decoration. Home Consumer advice Phones and internet Phone numbers. Keep or transfer your phone number You can usually keep your phone number when you change telcos. On this page Numbers you can port Port your number with the NBN How to port your number Fees for porting your number Transfer your number to someone else If your telco goes out of business Problems with porting your number.

How to port your number Your telco must port your number to another telco if you ask them to.

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