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Everyone believes me. Most people like me. Which is why no one suspects me of lying. One twist I was extremely confident about, I was wrong. The Author does a good job at leaving clues both reliable and unreliable through the book. There are quite a few twists and turns in this book and it proved to be a fast compelling read. I found that the alternating POV's both past and present worked nicely for the storytelling. The writing is wonderful and as I was getting to the end, I wondered when the reveal is going to happen and then it did.

I have mixed feelings on the ending. One hand, it felt as if it came out of left field but on the other hand, I do recall the character making mention of one thing toward the beginning of the book so then I thought, well maybe no so left field after all. So, I am teetering with this one. I thought she did a great job with her clues and use of lies in the book. I found the book to be perfectly paced especially with the reveals but toward the end, things really sped up and I would have liked a couple more pages.

But at the end, I felt a little underwhelmed. Instead of being shocked by the ending, I just "okay, so that is how it ends. Thank you to St. Martin's Press and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. All the thoughts and opinions are my own. View all 17 comments. The story is told from the points of view of single mother Lee, who we know is dead very early in the book, her best friend Grace, and Noah, tutor and therapist of Mason, Lee's son.

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We know that something horrible and fatal happened on a retreat that included Lee, Grace, and their two close women friends. The story thing goes back over the last forty eight hours, as we find out what led up to Lee's death. At lot of improbable things have to occur for this story to even happen the way it does so The story is told from the points of view of single mother Lee, who we know is dead very early in the book, her best friend Grace, and Noah, tutor and therapist of Mason, Lee's son.

At lot of improbable things have to occur for this story to even happen the way it does so at times I had to hold down my tendency to roll my eyes.

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Still, I couldn't help wanting to know what was going on in this book because it was easy for me to tell that Lee had stability problems that might be making her on-the-spectrum son's problems worse, we know Grace has a secret that she's not telling at the moment, and Noah is holding something back, also. Grace seemed to let every little thing stop her from blurting out her very important secret that she knew would upset Lee, while Lee was trying to push a relationship on to Noah, when he was obviously not interested in a relationship with Lee.

Both Lee and Noah allude to shameful secrets in their pasts while Grace seems to have her life mostly in control, just holding in her secret that she knows will probably destroy her relationship with Lee. The entire time, we aren't sure who is telling the truth and even if the person relating their point of view is telling US the truth. There is at least one unreliable narrator in this story, along with facts withheld for the shock value later in the book. Overall I enjoyed the ride, especially if I didn't stop and think about things too closely.

View all 30 comments. Aug 28, Susanne Strong rated it it was ok Shelves: buddy-read , netgalley. Lee and Grace are the best of friends and feel extremely grateful to have each other to lean on. Due to the fact that things are so hard for Lee, Grace and the other women in their neighborhood, plan a weekend away and with Noah around, she realizes that she can finally make time for herself.

Late nights, drinking by the fire, chatting, reading and sleeping late.

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One night Grace and Lee have a chat. Secrets and lies. Funny, my friends and I have entirely different relationships with each other! Told from the points of view of Lee, Grace and Noah, this storyline quickly ran amuck for me as so much of the plot was easy to guess from very early on, especially seeing as every secret kept was somewhat unbelievable. For me, this novel simply left me unsatisfied. Another buddy read with Ms. Published on Goodreads and NetGalley on 8.

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View all 41 comments. Rea Frey has written a compelling tale brimming with secrets and lies, mystery and deceit.

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I was completely grip from the first page to the shocking end. Lee is a single mother to Mason a charming boy on the autism spectrum. Grace is her BFF newly divorced and has a son the same age as Mason. If you are a fan of the unreliable narrator, you will be thrilled to know you get three in this book. Lee, Grace, and Noah all have secrets to hide, all cover them up with lots of lies, and you never know quite how deep the deception runs. This book was perfectly paced. The twists were revealed throughout the story, keeping you on high alert throughout. Someone is killed early in the book, leading to even more questions.

But I truly thought I had all this figured out. So well told! And yes there were a few unbelievable coincidences, but hey this is fiction! And I loved it! And can I just say that ending! Well done!

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This is my first time listening to an audio narrated by Samantha and she did a really good job, especially with the different voices and perspectives. Would definitely listen to another book narrated by her. View all 3 comments.

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Jul 09, Katie B rated it liked it Shelves: arc , giveaways , tennessee , fiction , read-in It started off promising and held my interest but I slowly started having problems with the characters and everything just went downhill from there. I think some of the characters and storylines were not fully developed and I just couldn't buy into them. Lee has a lot on her plate. She works hard to make ends meet as a hair stylist and is a single mom to her son 2. She works hard to make ends meet as a hair stylist and is a single mom to her son Mason who is on the autism spectrum.

Thankfully, Mason is making good progress with the help of his tutor, Noah.

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But even though she trusts Noah, and has the hots for him she still is very nervous about leaving Mason with him for a few days while she goes on a girls' trip with her best friend, Grace, and some other ladies. And here is where I will lay it on the line, everyone has a secret, and someone is going to wind up dead. Sometimes a shocking ending can go a long ways in saving a story.

Unfortunately that was not the case here because I had figured out some of the connections and had a good inkling where the story was headed early on. But even having a heads up still did not make the story entirely believable. I felt like so many things were just glossed over pretty much everything related to the adjustment after the death or were so underdeveloped that it was difficult to buy into some of the actions of characters.

So basically, good idea for a story, but in my opinion needed a bit more work for me to enjoy it. I won a free copy of this book in a giveaway but was under no obligation to post a review. All views expressed are my honest opinion. View all 6 comments.