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There is no provision for a hardship license during this three year period. If you receive the DUI while operating the commercial vehicle the consequences can be even worse. It is very, very important to seek counsel if you have been arrested for DUI as a commercial driver. Florida has very strict laws when it comes to underage drinking. If you drink and drive while underage you will be charged. Florida law has specified that if an officer even suspects alcohol use by an underage person they can ask for an immediate breath test without probable cause. The Florida Zero Tolerance law is a specific law pertaining to drivers under the age of The purpose of the law is to discourage underage drinking.

In order to enforce this, the State of Florida has given law enforcement the authority to breath test a person under 21 if the officer feels they have had anything to drink. The officer does not need to have reason to believe that the person is impaired. Only that they drank any amount of an alcoholic beverage. Any driver under 21 that is stopped by law enforcement and is found to have a blood alcohol level of. It does not matter that you may not be impaired at that level. Since the law states that there will be no tolerance for an underage person to even have one drink the limit is allowed to be lower.

What are the penalties under the zero tolerance law?

Defenses to DUI / DWI Cases: Drunk Driving, Drugs, and the Law

The suspension of your license is effective immediately. If you are under the age of 16, or if you do not yet have a license, the suspension does not come into effect until you are eligible for a license. If the breath or blood alcohol level is. If you do not complete the substance abuse treatment within the suspension period, your license will remain suspended indefinitely until you finish the course.

Having a DUI conviction as an underage drinker can affect school and financial aid.

Types of DUI Charges - Your Florida Defenders

You can be denied entry into professional programs such as nursing or legal study. If you are arrested for DUI you must consult an attorney to discuss options and all possible consequences of your charge. Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water — the DUI laws followed. More and more enforcement is being sought in this area as personal watercraft become more popular. With the increase of water traffic in smaller and smaller areas, accidents have become more common.

This means stricter laws and tighter enforcement. If you are found guilty of BUI, you can be fined, placed on probation and even be sent to jail!! You may be ordered to perform community service and you may have to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and treatment. A guideline to the penalties is as follows:. If you are found guilty of BUI, your boat can be impounded. For a first offense your boat will be impounded for 10 days. For a second or subsequent offense it is 30 days.

If you refuse more than once you can be charged with a misdemeanor. The State can also use the refusal against you in a criminal proceeding to argue consciousness of guilt. So if you fail to pay your court ordered fines or court costs incurred as a result of your BUI charge, that failure to pay can result in a suspension of your driving privilege.

Underage DUI/DWI Laws & Penalties

This is a general overview of the types of DUI charges that can be received in Florida. This is meant to be a starting point for discussion with your attorney.

This is not meant to be legal advice. The Dui laws get stricter every year and the consequences get worse.

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It is important you explore all options to make the best decision for you! In Florida there are many defenses that are available to people arrested and charged with DUI. If the attorney is not able to suppress evidence to the extent that your case can not proceed, or if the attorney is not able to have the case dismissed outright, your case can proceed to trial. If it goes to trial you will have to present a defense. When a person commits a moving violation, such as speeding or running a red light, their consequence for their actions will be a traffic ticket. In Florida, traffic laws are heavily enforced by police who drive around all day and catch people breaking the law.

When an officer sees a person committing a moving violation they will pull them over Whether it is a misdemeanor or felony, if you have recently gotten into trouble with the law, then you need to get in touch with a Florida criminal defense attorney today.

Florida's Underage DUI Penalties

Working with an attorney can help you present the best possible defenses to the charges against you. Call us now Tampa Orlando Sarasota St.

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  • Petersburg Bradenton Ft. Myers View all Cities. You have no prior DUI offenses and there are no aggravating circumstances such as damage to property, injury to another or death. It also means your breath or blood alcohol level was below a. Depending on how many priors you have the charge can be a felony. The first is that you have three DUI charges within a 10 year period. You can also be charged with felony DUI if this offense is your 4 th DUI charge no matter how much time has elapsed between offenses.

    If there is injury or death as a result of your DUI then it can be charged as a felony. The injury must be to another person and must involve permanent disfigurement or be a condition that creates a substantial risk of death, serious personal disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of the function of any bodily member or organ. It is most often charged in cases where there is an auto accident. DUI Manslaughter This charge is a felony. It is filed when someone dies as a result of impaired driving. As a CDL driver you are held to a higher standard than that of a regularly licensed driver.


    Teenage Drunk Driving Laws and Consequences

    What are the possible penalties for a first time DUI offense? Jail A first time DUI carries a maximum sentence of six months in the county jail. If your blow was a 0. If the blow was 0. The judge does have discretion in some cases to allow you to work off the fine amounts in community service hours. Probation In addition to the fines, license suspension and any jail time, you must be sentenced to 12 months of reporting probation. There is a monthly fee for every month you report. Community Service During the 12 months you are on probation you must pay court costs and perform a minimum of 50 hours of community service.

    As part of the DUI School, you will be ordered to obtain a substance abuse evaluation. If it is determined that you have a problem with drinking or drugs, you will be ordered to attend counseling sessions at your own expense. Impound The probation officer will have to impound your vehicle for a period of ten days. If you do not own a vehicle at the time of sentencing, the judge will order the impound for any car you obtain during the length of your probation period.

    Ignition Interlock If you blow over a. You must blow into the system to ensure there is no alcohol on your breath in order to start the car. There is an installation fee as well as a monthly fee for this device. If your blow is over a. Jail The maximum jail sentence is nine months. If it is your second offense and the blow is over a 0. If the blow was over a 0. If it is a second outside of five then the ignition interlock period is a minimum of one year License Suspension and Vehicle Impound For a second DUI outside of five, your license is suspended for a minimum of six months.

    There is also a 30 day impoundment of your vehicle. Jail If it is a second within five, there is a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 days in the county jail. This is mandatory!! That means the judge has no discretion. You MUST serve at least 10 days in jail. The maximum sentence depends on the blow. For a blow under. For a blow of. Ignition Interlock If it is a 2nd within 5, then the ignition interlock will be ordered for at least two years. Your vehicle will be impounded for a period of 90 days.

    If you are arrested today your charge is a misdemeanor. More than ten years has elapsed since your second conviction and this arrest.

    Learn what constitutes a DUI in Florida and what penalties it may carry.

    If you are arrested today for a third DUI, it will be a felony. This is because there is less than ten years between your last conviction in and today. Even though the first one was over 10 years ago, it is the date of the last conviction that sets the 10 year limit for the felony charge. This means the maximum sentence involves five years in prison. Mandatory means that 30 days is the least amount of jail that you can receive for the charge. This fine is in addition to any court costs or fees that the judge may impose.