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To further expedite the request, overnight delivery service is available. Follow the steps below to mail-in a request for a record or print out and take to your local health department or walk-in to the Bureau of Vital Records in Jefferson City.

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Note: If you choose to mail in your request to Jefferson City, a processing time of weeks will apply. A search fee must accompany all requests for copies of vital records. A five-year search may be conducted per search fee. If an applicant wishes to have additional sets of five-years searches conducted, an additional search fee will be required.

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For example: If an application for a birth record is submitted with the date of birth DOB listed on the application as , and no record is found in that year, the two years before the listed DOB and the two years after the listed DOB will also be searched. Checks must be drawn on a United States bank.

Do not send cash. Take to your local health department , walk-in to the Bureau of Vital Records in Jefferson City, or mail request.

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Excluding state and federal holidays. Telephone customer service hours are: Mon-Fri 8 a. Include completed application form, a legal size, self-addressed stamped envelope and check or money order for the search fee. The application is then sent to the Bureau of Vital Records for processing. Therefore, a cashed check does not indicate an application has been processed. A record can be requested by sending a written, notarized request to the Bureau of Vital Records at the above address and providing the following information:.

They made diligent efforts to advise him that it was in his best interest to cooperate with his court-appointed attorneys, but he refused to do so. Counsel also asked one Reverend J. Blow of the Baptist Church to see and advise the prisoner but the prisoner refused to seek spiritual guidance from either Reverend Blow or any of the members of his church. In this connection Dr. Kepler found that: "There has been nothing in the behavior of the patient in the hospital nor at the staff meeting to indicate any bizarre mannerisms and although the patient is very definitely socially maladjusted, there is no reason to believe that he is unable to cooperate with counsel in his defense.

Thereafter, the cause came on for trial and a jury of qualified citizens of Scott County was duly selected, after some twenty-five out of some sixty-one veniremen had disqualified on the ground that they were opposed to the imposition of the death penalty in any case. The State's evidence tended to show that Brenda Joyce Raines was a teenage girl weighing pounds, residing with her family in Holland, Pemiscot County. She was a senior in the local high school and was keeping company with one Frank Craig, a resident of Blythesville, Arkansas.

Craig drove a maroon-colored Pontiac automobile that carried Arkansas license plates. On Friday night, December 22, , one Archer had seen Craig's automobile between 11 and p. The car, with its lights turned on, was parked headed north on the right-hand side of the road about yards south of a particular tree. This tree was the only one on the road between the blacktop and witness Archer's home. A boy and a girl were observed in the car and Archer had seen Craig and Brenda together earlier in the evening. Archer resided one-half mile farther north on the Denton Road.

As he approached Craig's car from the rear, Archer met a colored man about yards south of the parked car, walking south on the left side of the road. Archer's car lights were on and he observed this colored man pull his cap off and bring it down over his face, like he was hiding his face or shading it.

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The cap was an orange-looking suede cap. The man wore a long light-colored coat and "maybe a tan with tan-looking pants. The colored man that the witness observed on the road near the mentioned automobile on Friday night, December 22, , was of the same size and build, and had the same complexion as defendant; however, the witness could not "positively identify" the man as the defendant.

On Sunday evening, December 24, , at the exact spot where witness and his brother had seen the Craig car on Friday night, the witness observed a pool of blood beside the road, and about 25 yards further north there was a smaller pool of blood, both on the east side of the road. On Saturday morning, December 23, , about 8 to a. The car was on the right-hand side of this road, facing east. When the witness returned about a. Craig had been shot in the face and head. There was an old vacant house about to yards west of this car.

The house was about fifty feet south of the road.

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Witness did not disturb the automobile or any part of it, but reported the matter to the sheriff's office in Caruthersville. There is much conflict in the State's evidence as to whether the location of the car and the vacant house were east or west of the Denton Road, and whether the vacant house was north or south of the road, but these conflicts are immaterial to the issues here.

When Deputy Sheriff Faris arrived at the scene and inspected the car, he found an oval-shaped hole in the windshield and a pool of blood on the ground on the righthand side of the car. Craig's body was lying in the front seat of the car; the car doors were all closed and the windows rolled up, except that the left front window on the driver's side was one-half or three-quarters rolled down.

When Faris opened the left front door of the car he observed that, "All upon the headliner there was [sic] splatters of blood and brains. He found some spent "BB" shot in the car. A boy's pocketbook and a girl's pocketbook were lying on the dash of the car, along with other things and wadding from a shotgun shell. Along the road halfway between the parked car and the abandoned house, the witness observed that the ground was torn up, tracked up and the roadside ditch trampled.

From the road, Faris went to the vacant house and observed that there was hair, blood and mud on the screen of a window of the house. Also on the front porch there was blood and mud and an indication that an object had been dragged across the porch. A door facing the road was open and just inside was the naked body of Brenda Joyce Raines. She was lying on her back with her head to the north and her feet toward a closed door.

Her clothes had been torn off and were lying on the floor. Her left arm was folded up on her breast and neck, and her left wrist was broken and distorted and her face badly mutilated. There were blood splatters to the right of the body and upon some abandoned lumber and up on the side of the wall of the room. Faris followed the tracks from the porch back to the place where the ground was trampled and torn up along the road.

Between the house and the road there was a place where something had been laid and there was blood and hair there. An impression on the ground appeared in the shape of a body. At this place the witness also found a "spent" shotgun shell, one-half of the stock of a shotgun and some car keys.

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Faris also examined the area south of the mentioned tree on the Denton gravel road. According to him the first pool of blood was observed about feet south of the tree and 90 feet further south was a second pool of blood, both on the east side of the road. Another empty gauge shotgun shell was found near the first pool of blood south of the tree. At the same location he observed that automobile tracks had angled off into a small road ditch adjacent to the bean field east of the road. Defendant was arrested at his home near Holland on Saturday night, December 23, , at about 11 o'clock.

The sheriff found defendant in bed and also found some clothes, including a long coat and sweater, boiling in a five-gallon lard can on the stove. He also found a pair of half-knee-length leather boots. He took defendant and these boots with him and the boots were subsequently turned over to Deputy Sheriff Faris. On Sunday morning, December 24, , Faris saw defendant in one of the cells at the county jail in Caruthersville and showed him the boots taken by the sheriff and "asked him [defendant] if those were his boots.

Faris then took the boots and compared them with the tracks seen in the area of the vacant house and the car containing Craig's body. The heel of the boots had a peculiar design and Faris compared the heel with the heel tracks that were in the road, in the ditch and in the field near the vacant house. The tracks were exactly the same width and length as the boots, and the boots fitted the tracks perfectly. The heel prints showed exactly the same heel design as the boots.

About a half a quarter north of the east-west gravel road on which the car was found, Faris found such tracks again going out into the field around what is referred to as the Archer place.

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He also tested these tracks with the boots from time to time, and the tracks were of the same design. He followed the tracks through a field across a ditch that had a bridge on it and then south to where the tracks turned east, and he followed these tracks on east a half a mile into defendant's yard. On the same trip he compared the boots with tracks made on the Denton road south of the mentioned tree. He noted that the tracks left the road and went out and around the tree and approximately out twenty feet into the bean field before they headed back into the road.

Witness also noted that the tracks again left the road and made a half circle in the field and came up to the road approximately thirty feet south of the pool of blood that was furthest south of the tree. This was the location where Archer had observed the Craig car parked the night before. Faris also observed automobile tire tracks by the south pool of blood on the east side of the Denton Road and then down the road to the north to where the tracks angled off into the road ditch near the north pool of blood. At one place the car had apparently been backed up a short distance.

All of the area inspected by Faris was located in Pemiscot County. Aquino, M. He observed that her head and face were badly mutilated and showed evidence of traumatic blows and injuries primarily to the head, although the body was "covered pretty well in blood from head to foot.

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He also observed that the deceased had a gunshot wound in the front and outside part of her right arm but he did not consider that injury fatal. With a reasonable degree of medical certainty he was able to say that, in his opinion the cause of deceased's death was either one of the three wounds on the head which he had previously described.

Any one of the three could have been lethal or death-causing. He also made an examination of her "female genital tract and found male sperm cells present. He noted that defendant sat perfectly calm, and that he appeared to be in a melancholy condition. In talking to and viewing the defendant, he observed that defendant's actions were perfectly normal. The evening the crime was discovered, December 23, , Sgt. Hickman found the lower part of a gun butt between the parked car and the vacant house. As stated, a half of a gun stock was found the next day by Deputy Sheriff Faris in the same area.