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Player two should be ready to press A on "Yes".

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Do not finalize the trade unless they are ready to go to the Dashboard. Once player two is ready to go to the Dashboard, finalize the trade. When player two sees the screen change, have them select "Yes" immediately. If done properly, player two will resume the game and will still have their item or bounty, as will the other player. Note: This glitch can be done to items only one at a time.

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Money almost has no limit. All you have to do is kill all the enemies to get the achievement. Submitted by broncos7 Hidden characters demo version To unlock the Berserker and Commando character in the demo version, make sure that you are not logged onto Xbox Live. Change the year in your system settings to This will automatically unlock the extra two characters for you to play in the demo. Note: If you are logged onto Xbox Live, the service will automatically update the date and time on your machine, and this trick will not work. Achievement How to unlock Avenger of the Slain 30 points 1, Undead slain.

Bane to Goblins 30 points 2, Goblins defeated. Exultation of Steel 30 points Hel has been defeated by the Cybernetic Baldur. Feeder of Ravens 10 points Kill 10, enemies.

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Force to be Reckoned With 5 points Elite enemies annihilated. Hunter of Elfkin 30 points Dark Elves vanquished. Slayer of Trollkind 30 points 50 Trolls destroyed by mounting. The Blood of Heralds 10 points enemy leaders conquered. The One That Got Away Trial of Ascendance 5 points Complete a level 1 charm.


Triumph of Humanity 30 points Hel has been defeated by the Human Baldur. Unstoppable: Hall of Heroes 10 points Hall of Heroes has been completed without dying. Unstoppable: Helheim 20 points Helheim has been completed without dying. Valkyrie's Folly 5 points Die Times. Unlimited epic items from spider While in Aseir, preferably in Co-op mode, go to the mission selection screen and choose mission Go through this mission until you reach a bridge with two enemies you must kill. After this you will go through one more door where you will kill a troll, a spider, and then another troll.

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At the location of the last troll there will be a door in front of you and a pathway to your left which leads to a well. From here, walk through the door and have a friend stand by the pathway. Walk through and kill all the enemies, including the "spider". Once they are all dead, have your friend walk across the path towards the hallucination well. Doing this will respawn you back to the path where your friend is located.

You may go through the door once more to kill all the enemies, You can do this as many times as desired.

Too Human - LVL 50 Human Commando (Elite Armor Set 7/7)

To do this while not in Co-op mode, follow all the steps except you must stand in front of the door so it stays open. You must then "shoot" all the enemies including the spider. Once they are all dead, go to the exact pathway described previously. Wyou return to the door all enemies will be respawned. Doing this long enough will result in an epic item. Note: After so many times if the spider does not drop any epic or red items, return to Asier to reset the random drop generator to give you a better chance finding those items.

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Too Human. Need more help? Find a walkthrough Ask a question Start a discussion. There are 50 achievements for Too Human Xbox worth points Show Hide all achievement help If you know how to complete the achievements listed please add your hints to help others.