1939 ford vin number location

Back then their were at least a whole row of ford coupes to look at, and take notes.

Ford Vehicle Production Records - The Henry Ford

Me and my restorer -best friend looked at a lot of cars as to the placement of the script. One on the inside and one on the outside, and in specific locations and made sure it was right before I etched the glass , and it came out great. This car seems to have had the glass replaced , and I am not sure if all the locations are correct? It is trying to be spring here in Westchester County N.

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And I can't wait to check the car out real good and drive it. Purchased it on Nov. Hopfully early May the roads will be free of salt. Good Morning, Domenic Just a very general observation on your "early" vs "late" Ford question. How do the ashtrays open? Do you have a little door, with the knob at the bottom, and you push it in and slide it up to open it?

Or, are they hinged at the bottom, and you pull the knob at the top to open it? See attached photo of the driver's side ashtray in my Deluxe 4 dr. It shows the slide up door. I have confirmed that the car was assembled in September, , so definitely - an "early" model. Good Luck. Tom P.

1939 Ford Standard Coupe Front End Installation, Part 5

Vernon, N. No fun. Another indication if the car was early is the mounting of the windshield wiper motor.

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Very early cars had the wiper bracket spot welded to the firewall. Later the bracket was bolted to the firewall. I've seen both a coupe and a woody with the spot welded bracket. Hey Tom I never knew that about the differences with the windshield wiper motor bracket.

Thanks for the education. Hey Tom, thank you for the great info, on the early cars having slide up doors for the ash tray's and the wiper motor bracket spot welded, or bolted.

1939 Ford Wiring Diagram

Vernon N. I used to take my first 40 ford coupe to the Mamaroneck car show in Sept. Back then the completion their was fierce. From all cars were "Standard" models, although most were offered as "Deluxe" models. We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For assistance, call Search For Parts. Enter search term, MAC's part or Ford part below. Family of Automotive Parts Companies.

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1939 Ford DeLuxe V8 Model 91A Technical Specifications and Dimensions

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