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The Secretary of the police department, a Police Records Specialist handles the paperwork and greets the public at the police station. While Policemen enforce the law on the streets, Police Records Specialists enforce order in the office.

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Working as a Police Records Specialist involves more than filing records or updating the database. Without your sharp eye for detail, a court case might be thrown out or the wrong person could receive a traffic citation. Despite the action in Cop shows, in reality, catching the bad guy involves lots of red tape. Reporters call about ongoing cases, citizens come to the station to report thefts, and you handle each issue efficiently.

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You know what info you can release β€” like monthly crime statistics β€” and what info stays under wraps. You act as a bridge between the police force and the community it serves. With the constant hustle and bustle, someone has to keep track of it all and make sure legal procedures are followed so justice can be done. Articles Profiles Majors. Some colleges offer degree programs, such as an administration of justice major, that specifically prepare students for this type of job. Strong written and oral communication skills are vital for a police records clerk.

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Some clerks write daily briefs for the entire police staff. Most are required to write up information about missing persons, stolen property, wanted criminals and daily crimes.

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Some also write accident reports and submit monthly reports to the state agency in charge of compiling public safety records. A police records clerk must be highly organized.

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He will manage all police files, including accident reports and public information requests. He may be in charge of keeping track of all lost and found items and fingerprint records. For some departments, the records clerk must also run background checks, obtain files from other police and law enforcement agencies and make sure all fees owed to the police department have been paid. All these duties require a high degree of organization.

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  5. A police records clerk works frequently on the computer. She will often maintain an online file of accident reports and be in charge of retrieving police information from a computer database whenever needed. She is often in charge of running online record checks and reviewing arrest records, tasks that require familiarity with computers and software. The records clerk answers telephones, helps visitors fill out police forms and answers public requests for information.

    Because a police records clerk can be the public face of a police department, he needs good interpersonal skills, including patience and the ability to listen.

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