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Texas Marriage Index from Note, wives will often be listed on the deed along with their husbands. Type in a first and last name to see where the person has property. Don't select a state if you think they could have property in many states. If you get cut off at hits, do a name search with their middle initial. Then go to the property tax assessors in each state to learn the specifics such as property value, liens, date purchased, etc.

Can also use to verify the value of other houses in the area. Shows the deed and other documents! May show they do business in more than one place. May point to where their assets are!

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Also see back up site to search by Person's Name to see if they have a company. Nationwide Company Search By Corp Name Not Sure How Reliable Will turn up to companies nationwide with the same corporate name, as well as their state, address and registered agent. Includes some companies that were disolved. Select a state to reduce hits to under See also how to use the db. Consider this database like a corporate registry where you can check information about a company and the people who played a role in that entity at a certain point in time.

Roles include being a director, a shareholder, a beneficial owner, a trustee, among others. Once you get a list of sites, do a Whosis lookup to find emails, mailing addresses and phone s International Corporate Databases 20 Plus Countries Can't search countries all at once.

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Companies They Own and Registered Agents Works Best for Rare Names Hit or miss: At bottom will sometimes list the US companies they own or are registered agents for, along with the vehicle they've bought, patent filings, when they've visited the White House, etc. Never sure what will come up. At bottom will sometimes list the companies they own or are registered agents for, along with the vehicles they've bought, patent filings , etc.

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Can also change number of returns per page. Then search for last name within the document by control or command F. You can also search by last name without a company. Margolis pulls up numerous companies with anyone named Margolis as an officer or director Lawrence Margolis pulls up Arris Group and docs with just his name, his salary or Securities Acquired, Disposed of, or Beneficially Owned.

Arris pulls up docs with all public companies with this name. Use other databases for more details. Annual report may list salaries or give you the exact public form where such is listed. You can then look this up at the SEC website.

By Their Aircrafts Type in the last name to find out the owner's address and telephone number as well as the type of aircraft they own. Or do a reverse lookup on the aircraft itself to find info on it's owner. Scroll to the top for searching outside of the US. Often you'll find out the make, model and boat length as well as the owner's full name and address. Filings may list if the debtor has a tractor , a refrigerator or an expensive piece of equipment. For non liquidation bankruptcies, it may mean they still have those assets!

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Example: a licensed dentist may have their own practice along with an expensive drill or X-ray machine. Consumer-SOS Did your ex-boyfriend sell your family heirloom? Search by item or by a phone number, name or email to see what they're buying, selling or exchanging. A phone number may reveal a name or email or vice versa. Once you know what to look for, use the links below to find it!

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Will not list small vessels under 5 tons or most vessels that operate on the internal waters or canal of any state except the Great Lakes. Records for craft less tha n 5 net tons are kept by the individual states.

National Search By Boat Name , vessels Search by part of the boat name and also the owner, but it won't work if boat name field left blank. Get detailed vessel information on owner, hull identification number, hailing port, boat length, year built, boat builder and more. Georgia Boat Owners Download a spreadsheet with the full name and addreses of all boat owners in a county along with the boat type, length, year and more.

Had trouble when I tried to download all counties but worked when I chose Fulton. Canada Boat Owners Can lookup by last name or boat name or a combination. Government Employment Assets may include up to 6 years of their salary. Often will list spouses , siblings and people they live with. Their Copyrights Search their 3 databases by author and get the address and phone number of the copyright owner.

Also check for the current owner through the Trademark Assignment query menu. Do Federal Searches first, then search for state trademarks.

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You can also search the International Database for trademarks in Canada and Europe. Trademarkia For Trademarks They Filed In The Past Replace name in search box with the name of your subject to see their prior trademarks and the physical address they used for TM correspondence. Use to see other TMs filed by this attorney, the indiv owner, or this company. Pulls up more hits than the USPTO on old trademarks and provides info on the trademark correspondent usually the TM attorney and sometimes the corporation that hired them.

Can also search by company name and sometmes by the trademark itself. With limited sucess can enter in the trademark and get the owner. Search for trademark owner or agent by clicking on "Names" tab. Then do separate searches in the holder and representative fields. Also search Appelations of Origin under the Libson Agreement 33 countries. Once you get a list of sites, do a Whosis lookup to find their emails, mailing addresses and phone s For Best Results: Search by all 4 if you have this info. Use this site to police your brandname and find the people with website domain names too close to your own and warn them to stop using it.

Or pick out a domain name with the key words you want, and choose something very different from what's already out there.

For example: You can look up who owns any domain with the words "Buzz" and "Kill" Site returns a list of domains along with their owners and partial email addresses. If you want a distinctive name with these words, you now know who has something similar and can make your name standout from theirs. Or if you've already trademarked your domain name, the search could show you a list of potential infringers, i. To contact the owner, Google their name along with the partial email address up through the sign. You can also search the Trademark database to see if the urls or phrases most similar to yours are not trademarked.

Or search by patent number or patent description to get a name behind the patent. Use Google Advance Patent Search.

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Want to know who currently owns the patent? Good if you need to put a lien on the patent. You can also search for key terms in "any field" or in the "full text" field. Type in their last name or their company to learn their state of incorporation, their company and address information. Espacenet Free access to over million patent documents.

If the "registrant" is the name of another company, enter the website address on that company's "whosis" lookup. Sometimes the company is not a web address reseller at all and just a corporate shell. For Asia and beyond, click Here and scroll down the page for the appropriate links.

Simply enter the domain name and your search results will include the owner's contact name, phone number, address and email address. Click Here to search the root domain name for owners in all extensions i.