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Glendora Ave. July 11, DUI's are a big business, here in Duval County. The first 6 months of netted approximately new DUI cases, which shows a good estimated average of individuals in Duval County arrested every year for driving under the influence. Another level of profit which is woven into the system has to do with the network of the Northeast Florida Safety Council and the referral to a private psychologist, if it is deemed necessary by the instructor, upon completion or before DUI school even begins.

You can, of course, hire your own professional and ignore their suggestion for a psychologist, but the selection and addition to that list must be a point of dispute or desire among some psychologists who would like more appointments. MADD is a very powerful lobbying group. In essence, the organization has earned itself a settlement from every person convicted of DUI, as a general provision of the laws of most states.

They are currently pressing for ignition interlock devices on all those convicted of DUI here in Florida.

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They also successfully passed a law at one point, which was to turn the license plates of anyone with a DUI pink. It would be interesting to find out where the majority of funds from this "business" ends up. Labels Labels: Post a Comment. Popular posts from this blog. Trafficking in Cannabis - Florida. July 27, Section