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I agree with the previous disillusioned- and worse- ripped-off users of Yellow Pages. GoD supplied unexciting site building material which I — stupidly! A very interesting article with very interesting responses. I read every single one of them, with much sympathy in most cases. I have a whopper of a Yellow Pages scam story but cannot divulge it yet.

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Once our legal dept resolves it I will return to post everything in great detail. Yellow Pages practices underhanded, deceptive business. Very, very sneaky outfit. And to add insult to injury, they are ineffective at digital. This is all just my own opinion. This makes me smile. They will either be acquired or they will file, in my opinion. Got involved with them early on in my business paid them off they are back again calling daily threats of court appearance if I do not pay them. Ahhh, Dana. I contacted Google directly about that one.

I thought it would be funny if I asked them for the official press release about it. I have written 2 blog posts now on this crap and tweeted incessantly. You may get a laugh out of it and it might be of interest to your more nervous clients. Does Online Advertising in YellowPages. Keep up the good work. How do you think I found you? We are having a similar issue.

We tried to cancel our service with YP after several months of zero results. I studied SEO for over a decade and continue still, It is amazing to hear such dribble from Yellow Pages on how important they are supposed to be and trying to make this known with aggressive falsehoods. My reaction in response to Yellow Pages having any kind of importance regarding SEO on the whole is……brahahahaha.

I mean they have basically have become a secondary index directory. Sure there are some folks on the tail end of generations who would rely on it by brand name only, online and offline. Yellow Pages have become mainly an aggregate informational source. There role in citations can be significant only by associations if one has not submitted NAP info elsewhere.

Google does not have to rely on them in but probably does just out of convenience at this time. Things are so hyper competitive information wise online particularly with Google Google My Business?

Their aggressiveness and lack of integrity to salvage their business model is annoying and sad. I used to love the YP before the internet, I could find everything, but now its becoming the way of the dinosaur.

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Yellow Pages is irrelevant to SEO. Yes yes, at one point they did provide them with a return however their greed and ego made them complacent and caught them asleep at the wheel. So they again strong arming the little guy into staying with them, having them become dependent on them and thus providing the fuel for their continuous FUD tactics.

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They have the business listings, I get it. I use Poynt and its a great, useful tool. No reason why Yellowpages. They spent billions of dollars 2. Talk about shortsighted.

The ability to be a respected internet company but like anything, you have to earn it. YP is simply trying to buy it. Bob sounds like an YP employee, I know, I used to be one. Inside the company walls they feed us the rhetoric daily. Whenever I questioned the data compilations or asked what are the strategies for remaining competitive I was shut down. Um maybe I am wrong but I would say that is very misleading. The reality is things are changing, and they like Blackberry, Yellow Pages are behind the times and show no real signs of catching up.

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They had the pieces in place to be a market leader. Their profit margin on the old print products was high, and they had little competition Canpages took a big chunk so they bought them too so they are trying to hold on to it and milk it for as long as they can and maintain their share value. Web products have a much smaller margin and are offered everywhere.

Whenever a company thinks marketing and salesmanship can overcome poor product development they are in trouble. Just ask Blackberry.

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They boast about website sales, they never mention how many of those 10, websites sold in the first 6 months were actually online and working it was in the hundreds. Imagine going in to renew a customer when the website you sold him 6 months ago is still not working and online, try and spin that to a customer that trusted you Marc Tellier. I totally agree, even a moron could see the transition coming.

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Now with the market crowded they are arriving too little too late. I will say working for them was very frustrating, my customers trusted me and often bought based on my word, unfortunately Yellow Pages usually failed to deliver.

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I enjoy helping businesses grow and market themselves, Yellow Pages was not the place for me to do that. No I do not receive anything to promote those books, I just wish Marc had read them a few years ago. Finally I cancelled all the ads with YPG, a great saving of thousand dollars a year. Their online ads is useless, and their services were awful. No more wasting money on Yellow Pages, business owners! YP advertising in print, or online, is an enormous waste of money. This shady operation is one giant rip-off. Thanks for this article. I am going to link it on my web site.

Beyond the issues you mentioned, there is also the harassment and horrible service Yellow Pages provides. They harass my clients making the same claims mentioned in your article. Then once they are in a contract provide horrible service. I had one new client that told me she had been trying to get them to update the phone number on the Google Business listing YP setup for over a year. I wish there was a way that your article could show up on any Yellow Pages related search.