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Negotiation before trial — The three main people involved in a Town of Ulster traffic court case are the police officer, the defense lawyer and the judge. Sometimes, there is also a prosecuting lawyer. Sometimes charges can be dismissed.

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Other times several charges can be merged into one offense. Some charges can be reduced. For example, some speeding tickets can be reduced from mph over the speed limit to mph or even mph over the speeding limit. Sometimes a moving violation can be reduced to a non-moving violation. Through my experience trying numerous cases, I know the factual and legal arguments to make that can help persuade the police officer and the prosecutor.

Learn your defenses — You have a right to assert your defenses. If the defenses are factual, it helps if you appear.

As your lawyer, I can assert the legal defenses. I'm sure all of you are watching the progress of Hurricane Dorian which is the strongest hurricane in modern records. At this point it's exact path is unknown. However, Carl Swenson, Olive Deputy All Rights Reserved. The FAD Some highlights of the FAD include expanding the Septic Remediation and Replacement Program for community septic clusters, adding support for non-profits and government owned facilities with on-site septic systems.

Estimated Timeline of the Shokan Wastewater Management System The timeline for this process is outlined in the FAD but is only a projection of benchmarks depending on many factors that may change or be delayed as the project progresses. More in-depth information can be found at the links below. Search for:. Recent News. This was the annual community budget forum — an initiative of the Noble Administration. After the forum, it was still unclear what the proposed budget contained.


Mayor Steve Noble then presented his proposed budget on October 17 th. The budget was available online the next day. In his presentation, the Mayor primarily discussed what a budget generally does and offered basically a campaign speech about budgetary achievements of the past.

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But at 6p that night, before those discussions began, the Common Council held a public hearing on the proposed budget. Not surprisingly, only five people attended. Of those, only two spoke: the DiFalcos, a political-hopeful power couple. It was then rescheduled for Monday, October 28 th.

The public notice in the paper was incorrect. When I asked the Council members about that, I was told that the hearing was on the budget, as the agenda indicated. And when I pointed out that the agenda was blank, I was told that was because it was an open public hearing. In my experience following the civic issues of Kingston, I have noticed that the citizens of Kingston have a diversity of experience, knowledge base, and interests which, when they can participate in the public discourse in a meaningful way, result in informed and intelligent discussions which can sometimes be challenging but also offer outside perspectives and considerations that can broaden the understanding of an insular group, like elected officials at City Hall.

Something that could be achieved in Ward meetings, and calls for constituents to reach out directly to their alderperson. The Council should hold a second public hearing on the budget after their in-depth public discussions, so that they can benefit from the input of a fully informed public. What is the true purpose of the public hearing on the proposed budget? And if the true purpose of the public hearing on the budget is to hear from an engaged, informed public, then how does the current process support that? If the Council was seeking to simply check a box that they allowed the public an input period where they could feel heard, then that was achieved on Monday.

And that will only come after the public discussions in the Finance Committee.

The Council should reconsider this perhaps historically so flawed process and update it to be truly transparent and inclusive of the informed civic engagement that the citizens of Kingston have proven time and again they will participate in. Hillary Harvey is a journalist who hosts, The Source on Radio Kingston, a civic issues show focused on hyper local news and politics to inform civic engagement.

An audio version of this editorial aired on November 1 st and is available on the archive at RadioKingston. On Friday October 4th, Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan D called on the legislature to publicly condemn Legislator Hector Rodriguez D , who has been credibly accused of sexually harassing as many as eight women according to an independent investigation.

Legislator Rodriguez violated the public trust, violated women, and is unfit for public service. While individual legislators have condemned his behavior, the legislature itself has not issued a collective statement acknowledging the wrongdoing and upholding a commitment to zero tolerance. Censure holds no professional repercussions beyond what Rodriguez has already revealed, but it has significant meaning to the victims and the public-at-large to know that sexual harassment will not be tolerated in Ulster County government.

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If the amendment is to be adopted, the County has required changes, particularly the inclusion of affordable housing. We urge the Council to make the changes the County requires. Affordable housing is a critical need in Kingston, and there is no reason that a project receiving substantial public subsidies should escape the responsibility to supply affordable units. In contrast, allowing construction of a luxury housing development with no affordable units would only worsen the housing crisis by further gentrifying Uptown and Kingston overall.

If the Common Council has determined that every developer in the city should provide affordable units at their own expense, then the heavily-subsidized Kingstonian project cannot be excused from providing the same.

Therefore, we make two requests of the Common Council: 1. Do not amend the zoning map without also making the changes to the text of the zoning that the County requires. In particular, clarify that new multi-family housing must include affordable units. Step up to your fiduciary responsibilities and provide the community with a full accounting of the public subsidies expected by the Kingstonian project. Ensure that all decisions requiring Common Council approval, including discretionary approvals and funding awards, have been identified and included in the SEQRA review. We look forward to your response.

Kingston is fortunate to have the drinking water supply that it does. It is some of the best drinking water in the state if not the world. Still, for most on a tight budget any increase can create a hardship. In the meantime, thanks to the Kingston Water Department and Board for their hard work and efforts. Town of Woodstock Supervisor has been contacted. A presentation is being planned to occur at their community center. ToU can make their own water.

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The city could ask that the ToU use their own supply, and send us , back. Putting it into perspective. As you may recall, all that is required for a positive declaration Pos Dec for a Type 1 action in the State Environmental Quality Review process SEQR is for there to be a single potential adverse environmental impact. The Kingston Planning Board ultimately tabled the discussion. The HLPC also moved to table further consideration. The HAC did not have a quorum so did not vote.

I presume that the architects new design will be submitted to SHPO with comments from the meeting for further comment. The planning board agreed to set a special meeting in October. The next planning board meeting is scheduled to occur on Monday, October 21 at pm. Currently, their agenda lists no detail.