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Make money by allowing business owners to submit their company descriptions to your directory. Set your prices or do it free of charge. Start your business listing websites in multiple cities and add a city dropdown on the front-end system.

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Through an intuitive admin page you can configure the script and change its options and functionalities without any IT skills. Thanks to the Google Maps integration your website visitors can get driving directions and find the respective company more easily. We are a Indian based web company made up of a talented team. P Email: vizag thecolourmoon.

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Yellow Pages Script An easy-to-use directory script for anyone who wants to create a business directory. Allen is a self professed geek and technology lover. He's always playing with one of his various websites, and loves helping customers with theirs.

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He can often be found with a coffee light roast, please in his hand and a smile on his face Mmm, bacon. We can always get you set up on a different domain then if you do manage to recover the original from YP, it can be aliased to the new one. Glad I saw this. I have a feeling I will be going through this very soon with an SEO client we just signed up.

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Just curious, how many times have you needed to deal with YP in this type of situation on behalf of your clients? Do they always not co-operate?

I can think of two clients who managed to leave YP on good terms. One of them was even given their HTML website to take with them.

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Thanks for this step by step breakdown Allen, I am working to navigate a site away from YP with minimal disruption to page rank, email etc. I am in Canada but believe the process is the same with a few different players. In the meantime do you see it as possible to set up a subdomain where we can post our own content that will build authority in advance of transferring?

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Ideally they all match, but you can settle for name and one other corroborating piece. Call Enom at Web Hosting — Your site needs a new home! A new website for a new host? Make sure your email is set up! Allen Pooley. Jordan Schelew on January 10, at pm.