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If you don't know it, ask whoever set up the router for you. First, you'll need to know the default gateway IP address. If neither of these work, look yours up. You'll see the default gateway address next to Router. From here, the steps are the same regardless of operating system but can vary slightly depending on the router manufacturer.

How to Assign and Find the IP Address for Your Printer -

Open a web browser, and type the default gateway IP address from previous step into the address bar. Once you have the IP address of your printer, use it to set up the printer from any computer or mobile device that's connected to your network. Having the printer IP address handy also enables you to type a ping command in the command prompt from any computer if you have printer problems and need to check if the printer is on the network.

Share Pin Email. Updated August 19, In Control Panel , choose Devices and Printers. Another quick trick to find the printer IP address is with the command prompt.

4 easy ways to quickly find your printer's IP address

Go to the Start menu and enter cmd. In the Best match section, choose Command Prompt. Click Start and enter cmd.

How to give a printer a static IP address - Printix Administrator Manual - 1

Under Best match , select Command Prompt. Enter ipconfig. Note the default gateway IP address. In the router login screen, log in to the router using the administrator ID and password.

How to update hp envy printer ip address ?

In the router menu system, select Connected Devices. In the Host Name field, select the printer. Continue Reading. Lifewire uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Lifewire, you accept our.

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  8. On Mac, Linux or other Unix systems, the netstat command generally works the same way and can also be used from the command line shell, though the command line arguments may vary slightly. Check your system's manual to see how its version of netstat works. Windows PowerShell is a powerful command line tool for simple programming as well as accessing and setting information about your computer.

    You can use PowerShell to find a printer on a network by running the command Get-Printer.

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    Run "Get-Printer -full" to get as much information as is available about each printer connected to your computer. If you know or determine the IP address, you can use the "ping" command to test if your computer can connect to it. Type "ping" at the command prompt followed by the IP address of the printer. Your computer will send messages to the printer requesting a reply and will indicate whether or not those replies were received. Ping should work on most Windows, Mac, Linux and other Unix systems. Note that if you don't hear a reply from your printer, it may be that the printer is not accessible at all or that ping messages are blocked by firewall settings on your computer or network.

    Check with your IT department if you have one to see whether ping should work within your network. Note that while you can find online ping utilities to use over the web, these will not be able to access your internal network and likely won't help you test if your printer is working.

    Direct IP Printing from Windows

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