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If not, don't be rough with it. Now that you've found your camera, you need to remove the lens to get to the IR filter. The light in that range is called infrared. Humans can't see it, so why should it be seen on film: that is the idea behind IR filters. However, we are going to take that filter out so we CAN see infrared light. First, unscrew the lens from the camera module. On cell phones, it's very small, don't lose it. Take a look at the lens. In most cell phones, this is glued to the lens assembly.

If not glued down, gently tap it out and proceed to the next step. You will have to break the IR Filter off. Use a small screwdriver, and press down onto the Glass IR Filter where it meets the lens assembly. Do this around the entire circumference of the filter or until the filter breaks into pieces, then scrape them out. Do not continue to break the rest of the glass inside the lens assembly!

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What this does is it blocks out any visible light, that is, between nm deep violet to about nm deep red. This only lets the camera see anything below nm or above nm. Cut out a a very small circle shape of the gel and place it where the IR filter used to be. Then screw the lens back onto the camera assembly, put the faceplate back on, and your done! Now all you need is an IR light source to test it out, such as a TV remote.

Go into a dark room, turn your camera on, and press a button on the remote. The camera sees the IR light from the remote, but the human eye can't. Thanks for sharing the instruction.

Worked quite well. I was a bit confused how to get the lens out, but made it in the end. I had to turn the hole lense like a skrew a few times around then it unlocked. I did not use that congo blue, so I can use it with light and infrared.

A mobile phone can already see the IR from a remote control without going to all that trouble and breaking your phone. Why not mount a few low power IR diodes around the lens, and you will see just as far in the dark. Reply 11 years ago on Introduction. Reply 3 years ago. Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. Reply 9 years ago on Step 5. In fact - most people can see in the dark.

But just because you can see, or it can see doesn't mean that it can be seen well. The IR is a Filter, just as a coffee filter is a filter. With a coffee filter - it's purpose is to stop the grains from coming out, but what do you ALWAYS find at the bottom of the pot or your glass?

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Turning the remote away from the lens and trying to view it like say, on a white piece of paper, proves what I said. Without the IR filter alex is right - you can basically light a room with a remote.

So you have to just remove that orange tinted glass and your done? That is so simple i have to try it! This allows the phone to create much better quality musical sounds. The Motorola Razr V3. The best selling clamshell handset ever to be sold on the planet, selling million units from to The LG Shine came out in weighing a mere g, measuring In the Apple iPhone 3G with its pioneering technology changed the way that we perceive mobile phones forever. The touchscreen interface on the iPhone became the design of choice and its apps were so popular that by Apple had sold 50 million iPhones and nowadays it is not unusual for sales to top 30, a month.

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In this article, I will discuss a problem that can arise with repeater installations in cities. This problem can arise when you install the outdoor antenna on a very high building that has views over the city. If the building is very high, from the roof the outdoor antenna can see across the city. How to best use Network Cell Info Lite.

Only Samsung phones reveal this invaluable data. I personally use an S8 [ Whenever you make a call or use mobile data, your phones is connecting to one specific cell tower. To be more precise, your phone is connecting to one of those sector antennas on a particular mast. See image above. Each of these sector antennas has a unique identification.

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