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Once the appearance has occurred, a motion to cancel or quash the motions should be filed, or bond posted with the court.

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Valdez knows the policies of the many different traffic courts throughout New Mexico and can advise you on which method will work best. He will then secure the proper clearance documents from the court, and forward them to the MVD for final clearance. Valdez has occasionally been able to have that fee waived for some clients.

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Most states have agreed to honor the administrative actions of other states, including suspensions and holds entered by New Mexico. Many of our out of state clients discover their New Mexico suspensions years after the original citation and subsequent suspension. Regardless of how you discovered your New Mexico license suspension, it is important to deal with it today.

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Not only is having your license suspended inconvenient and embarrassing, if you are stopped by police and caught driving with a suspended license, you are facing serious legal consequences. In most states, driving with a suspended license carries steep fines and possible jail time.

In many states the penalties for driving with a suspended license include mandatory jail time. In New Mexico, if you are caught and convicted of driving with a suspended license, you face a minimum mandatory sentence of no less than four and up to days in jail. If your license is suspended for any reason, it is important that you take steps to reinstate it immediately.

Call Glenn Smith Valdez at today, he and his team are experienced in clearing license suspensions and warrants. Not only will they contact the New Mexico MVD to get a complete copy of your New Mexico driving history, they will contact the appropriate court to secure the required clearance paperwork necessary to lift the suspension.


On several occasions, they have helped drivers discover other warrants and suspensions the driver had no idea was on their record. When you hire Glenn Smith Valdez and his team to work on your license suspension issues, they do everything possible to make sure your license is cleared when they are done.

His deep understanding of the interconnected legalities of traffic citations, bench warrants and license suspensions gives him the the unmatched ability to achieve quick and effective results. Drivers can trust Glenn Smith Valdez and his team to help them with any New Mexico warrant or suspension issue. Contact Us Now: Glenn Smith Valdez Home.

Contact Glenn Smith Valdez. Warrants In New Mexico, if you are issued a New Mexico Uniform Traffic Citation, select the court appearance option and fail to appear for Court, two things are likely to happen.

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Out of State? A short meeting was held with CYFD with the alleged victim's parents, then a safehouse interview was conducted with the alleged victim. The alleged victim stopped one of the alleged incidents with Herrera by getting the attention of another relative in the same room, according to court documents. The affidavit does not give a time or date for most of the alleged incidents.

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It does state that one of the alleged incidents occurred "last year. On Jan. Herrera was released on his own recognizance following his first appearance Monday in Aztec Magistrate Court and was ordered to wear a GPS ankle monitor, according to court records.