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The District does not require volunteers to pay costs associated with the background check. What information must I provide for a background check to be run?

What is CCAP?

In order to run a background check, an individual must provide:. Full legal name and all prior names; 2. Date of birth; 3.

Current and prior addresses; and 4. Social security number. The databases accessed during the background check process require an individual to be identified by a social security number. What information is checked under a background check? The following databases are typically checked during a background check process.

The District reserves the right to access additional databases under such process. How long does the process take? Typically, the background check process takes three to four weeks to complete.

Wisconsin Free Background Check and Arrest/Criminal Records Online.

During peak times such as the start of the school year, additional time may be required. In addition, where an out of state search is required, additional time may be required. Does the District check my credit information as part of a background check?

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Hepatitis B is the only vaccination with a declination waiver. All other vaccines are required. Search Search. Where can I go for vaccinations, TB test, titers and immunizations? I completed a background check through another school. Do I have to complete it again?

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Wisconsin Statewide Public Records Wisconsin Asset Search Search government agencies open to the public to find assets of companies, corporations, or individuals. Wisconsin Criminal Records Search for felony or misdemeanor criminal charges by requesting records from the Wisconsin state repository. Wisconsin Criminal Records and Background Checks Wisconsin online criminal history record check system. Federal Bureau of Investigation Milwaukee Office Find resources for criminal background checks, criminal records. Wisconsin Inmates and Offenders Search Find the location and release information of individuals incarcerated with the Wisconsin Dept.

Wisconsin Bankruptcy Records Search Conduct a bankruptcy search through public records to find individual or corporate bankruptcy filings. Wisconsin Death Records Online resource for finding free death records. Wisconsin Driving Records Access online forms from the state DMV to request a drivers license, complete title registration and more.

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Wisconsin Public Record Expungements Information and resources to assist in expunging criminal records state and nationwide. Wisconsin Genealogy Records Browse state archives, historical records, and online databases, search Wisconsin census records to find info about ancestors, family tree and more. Wisconsin Missing Children Search Wisconsin missing and exploited kids.

Wisconsin Property Sales Records Search information on property sales in Wisconsin Wisconsin Unclaimed Property Search property and claim status by individual name or business thru the state treasurer. Wisconsin Vital Records Request birth and death certificates, marriage records and divorce filings in Wisconsin.