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In this article i will explain why people sometimes look at you so that you can figure out what's going on with them.

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As you just saw eye contact can have various meanings depending on the situation and so eye contact alone can't tell you what's going on. This is why you must revert to the basic rule of body language which is that the presence of many signs that points to the same intention proves the intention true. In other words before you assume that people like you or dislike you just look at the other signs they are sending.

Once you find an alignment between some signs ,and not just one, then make sure you found something. In the Ultimate guide to Developing super powers you will know how to hypnotize people, seduce them, control their minds, read their faces and be more like a super human. If you are interested in getting that kind of power then check the course out. How to know if you have a chance with your crush.

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Why do people look at me By M. Farouk Radwan , MSc. Body language nonverbal communications. Eye contact has various meanings I get many emails from people who are wondering why do others stare at them. The different reasons for eye contact Here are some possible reasons why people might be looking at you: 1 They like your looks: That's one possible reason. If someone has a crush on you or if they just think that you are attractive then they might keep looking at you.

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People usually look more at the things they like. See How to know if someone likes you 2 You look like someone they know: A person could stare at you because you look like someone they know or because you remind them of someone. In such a case the person might keep staring at you 3 You are doing something unusual: Novelty always catches the attention of us humans. If you are doing something unusual or if you are wearing unusual clothes then people are more likely to stare at you. Many books are written by people in recovery about their experiences.

There are also tons of blogs and videos written for and by people in recovery. Find an online community. Lots of forums and sites exist for people to share and connect online, anonymously or not. Find an in-person support group. For some, there is nothing like connecting with people face-to-face. In-person support groups, whether they are run by mental health professionals or by individuals with the conditions themselves, are great ways to meet people like you.

Some are open discussion based on conditions like depression or bipolar disorder, while others are based on specific programs like step recovery or Whole Health Action Management WHAM.

If you tend to stay at home, having a place to go at a specific time throughout the week can be enough to get you outside. Check out our Connect section for in-person support near you. Share you story with people around you.

Find your twin - Who looks like you?

You would be surprised how many people you know who are struggling, or whose family members are struggling with similar things. Sometimes people are just waiting for someone else to bring it up. Look in the Connect Section on this site! We've collected some resources that help you connect to other people who are having similar experiences to you. What are Injectable Mental Health Drugs?