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Additionally, you may also contact us at office datacheckinc. Applicants can now apply for positions directly from your company's website. DataCheck's Applicant Tracking System allows you to create detailed job listings with a link to apply online, directly from your website. With our integrated applicant tracking system, you can extend our background screening software to assist with the entire process of recruiting and managing applicants.

Our secure web portal manages requests, displays the status of background checks, and allows you to view and print reports online. Our clients are supplied with a username and password.

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It is a wonderful company that delivers better and faster results than our previous provider, a very large, well known background screening company, who we left after many years! The website to place orders is very user friendly and the results arrive within 24 hours in most cases. In addition, DataCheck has excellent customer service and personal touch.

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They are always available to answer questions as needed. We are located on the east coast and DataCheck is on the west coast, and I was somewhat concerned in the beginning about being in a different time zone, but the time difference has never presented a problem to us. DataCheck met and exceeded all our expectations!

As part of this process:.

To comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act and similar state laws, an employment credit report must have job-relevance: the role should have fiduciary responsibility. Several states have specific permissible reasons that employers must choose when ordering credit reports.

The Importance of Background Checks for Companies

When assessing a background report, treat the results of a Credit Check with extreme care. This requirement stems from research showing that automatic denial of candidates based on Credit Checks and criminal records has a disparate impact: in other words, it disproportionately affects protected groups by denying them employment.

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For these reasons, Checkr does not provide an automated Adverse Action flow through the Checkr Dashboard. Checkr Help Center Customers Screening Types Articles in this section What is the difference between national, federal, state, and county checks?

The Importance of Background Checks for Companies -

The employee credit check allows users to:. Stay current with dynamically changing Ban the Box legislation and help determine how best to fulfill related legal obligations in an efficient manner. Identify personal Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies associated with a job candidate with this search across 94 federal districts.

Simple, self-service dashboard to identify, view, analyze and understand how your organization's background screening program is performing. Learn More.

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