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PS I cleaned up the other posts so they would not be so long. The decoder that is posted, is that for the Warranty tag?

My 69 Ranchero has a torino driverside door on it and I did not know this when I bought it last year. Is there any way possible find out information on my Ranchie with just the vin number?

Ford VIN Decoder

No its for the Vin not the door tag. Rancherous , Mar 22, I feel much better now know that I do have a true Ranchero GT. I know it's a question that must have been asked a thousand times, but why didn't Ford differentiate between the W and C on the VIN code of my 74? ForistellFord , May 25, Hey - not sure if you have seen the Fairlane site - www. I've got a and no door plate.

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Decoder doesn't work real well for these newer models. Shrek , Nov 12, My VIN is S I don't know why it's not a more normal looking vin number with lotsa letters in it Needs some body work Messages: 3, Location: San Bernardino Mountains.

Ford Door Data Plate Decoder: Through - Ford Parts

A third character of 1 indicates a Spring Special. Sometimes there is an extra 0 to the far left of the MAX G. Include this. If there is only one number on the third row, it should be the DSO. Sometimes the numbers don't line up perfectly.

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MAX G. LBS is the maximum gross vehicle weight in pounds, or the maximum total weight of the vehicle, passengers, and cargo. This is always a 4-digit number 5- if there is a leading zero. This is blank for passenger vehicles. NET H.

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Certified Net Horsepower is the power rating of the engine. The numbers shown below apply to all except E-series. From Serial No.

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When selecting part numbers referenced to serial numbers, the catalog specifications should be used as an aid in selecting the proper part number. If only a single-digit trim code, there will be a space between the first and last digit, as shown here. The third digit identifies the type of back of cab equipment.

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District Code The code shown identifies the district which ordered the unit. If the vehicle is built on a D. O Domestic Special Order , F. Foreign Special Order or L. Limited Production Option , the complete order invoice number will also be shown after the District Code Number.